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Attn to Detail

I'm only one hour in, but as a classic and modern JRPG fan, I'm Impressed indeed. This is 16 bit looking but modern in terms of design, touch control, and anime story presentation. I prefer more elaborate enemies and animation but this game pours detail into small sprites and has impressive 4th gen style animations circa Final Fantasy II on SNES. This game feels like it would have fit in perfectly on the Game Boy Advance, and that was a golden era for mobile JRPGs like Pokemon Leafgreen and Firered and Fire Emblem. I am truly impressed by the upbeat, modern, appropriate soundtrack. Its like pulled right out of a playstation one era Final Fantasy game. Its also affordable and easy on phone storage and offers many hours of classic JRPG role playing.


It's like the Sherlock Holmes of RPG's!

Great game!

Let me start off by saying this is a great game. It's like FFVI meets Phantasy Star. The only thing I think that needs to be improved on is the long drawn out dialogue. Other than that the game really takes me back.

Well worth the money

This is my first Kemco game, but I will definitely be buying more in the future. The story is fresh and the lines aren't recycled. The character pathing is a bit wonky, but you can get used to it. I also like the battle system. Too many people rely on the ATB system these days. I always preferred the type where you could knock back opponents and keep them from attacking.

Pretty Decent

Linear as hell but plotline dystopian And decent. Would recommend


Overall this game isn't bad. The storyline is decent, graphics are pretty good and the battle system isn't broken. If you like classic RPGs, then you'll like this one.

Fun game

Fun addictive RPG, can't stop playing. Dialogue is okay, not the best, but I really like the characters in this one. I recommend this kemco RPG.

Wrong language

The game information lists Japanese as the language, but this game is in English and has no language settings.


This is the first Kemco rpg I have played, and needless to say I am sold. After playing several jrpgs with the traditional/medieval format, the change of atmosphere into a futuristic format was the appeal. It proved to be a gratifying experience; one that I will not forget. I bought the game in sale for $3.99, so I must emphasize that the money was well worth. The battle mechanics was solid. I enjoyed the simplicity of the STB. It had chain combos that the player could exploit. The plot not the greatest, but was engaging enough to pull the player over the minor mundane moments. Even though some of the dialogue was sarcastic, or down right cheesy, I managed to endure it. Though I must admit this form of humor might not be everyone’s cup of tea; therefore, it must be touched upon. If there was something I could recommended, it would be to add a fixed touch pad for fluid maneuverability. Regardless the game was fantastic and I have become a fan---well done Kemco.

Cool little RPG

Great throw back RPG with excellent story and old school mechanics game play. Throw down a few backs and sit back and enjoy this pretty cool flash back.

Love Phantasy Star? You'll be right at home.

This clearly is inspired by the original tetralogy. Zech = Chaz from PSIV in looks, Rune in womanizing personality. Michael = Rolf from PSII Katiya = cross between KOS-MOS in looks and Demi in function Neelam = Nei or Rika.

Decent rpg

There is some decent humor in here, and the battles are challenging on the hard level, so there are some ways to customize on that level. However character options are limited. Story is decent with some nice "surprises" which kept me moving forward.

Excellent old school style RPG

This takes me back to Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64 style RPGs. No offense to the cinematically enhanced games of today, but I've longed to find the next "Phantasy Star" type (part I on Genesis system) on the ios system. And I found one that DOESN'T involve the use of magic or has spirit demons throughout the game. Thumbs up to the makers of the game!!!! I look forward to playing more of their titles in the future!!! The reason for 4 out of 5 is mainly because of long and tedious dialogue. This is especially true in the beginning of the game which makes gameplay start off at a snail's pace. But once you hang in there and get going on the quest- you.ll be engulfed in the story. I recommend this title for those who crave for the old school RPGs!!!

Objective Viewpoint

Pros: -Lengthy quest (I'm 16 hours in and there is still plenty of stuff to do) -Entertaining story that keeps the game interesting -Lots of skills to unlock for the 4 playable party members -Solid soundtrack -Gameplay mechanics are identical to many other old-school JRPGs -Addictive -Beautiful character portraits -Has side-quests and post-game content -Neat cyber-punk setting -Offers both touch centered and virtual joystick control options -3 difficulty levels -Runs-without problems Cons: -Heavy reuse of music tracks, enemy sprites, and environment tile sets throughout the adventure. -Uneven difficulty curve -Long-winded and frequently cliche dialogue -Somewhat choppy animations -Overly simplistic "puzzles" -Repetitive -Screen does not reorient itself when the device is rotated so the game is only playable with the headphone jack at the bottom left corner of the device. Overall I feel this game is well-worth getting if you like JRPGs.

Awesome sci-fi rpg

Another great rpg from kemco

Pretty Good

So far, the game has been pretty good. The story has kept my interest and the battles are a breeze. I do, however, have a couple complaints. First, I wish that the visuals were scaled a little larger. Everything is so tiny! Finally, I wish the touch control path was a little more responsive. It's quite annoying when you run into a wall when you're trying to get somewhere. Overall, a good buy that I would recommend to any classic jrpg lover.

Fantastic sci-fi RPG!

This is one terrific game. I got pulled in very quickly, and from the start I was reminded of two great classic games from an earlier era: Snatcher and the original Phantasy Star. I love everything about this game: the plot, the characters, the 16-bit look, the music (which is REALLY well done), everything. This game has the same engine and play mechanics as other recent EXE-Create RPGs, which is a good thing. I think this is the best Kemco/EXE-Create game yet.

Pretty good

Ok, the dialog is not so great and the story is very linear, but this is keeping me entertained.

4.5 fun story and futuristic rpg play

The story is fun/entertaining and the game is a bit on the easy side at normal. The graphics lack a bit but story and play make up for it. I recommend rpg fans to try.

pretty good

i like it so far. The story is interesting so far. The controls are kind of weird but manageable. I definitely would recommend it for rpg fans.

Do not buy

This is horrible . You just wait through terrible dialogue for small moments when you have control of the characters . What a waste of money..!!

Good so far!

An hour in and enjoying every minute. Pick it up!! I have enjoyed all the other titles they have brought out and this is just another great addition!

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